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The use of this database is free of charge for occasional (low-volume) personal lookups by private users by means of a standard web-browser.

By using this free service you accept the fact that the database is not official but a private operation which is still comply with the latest public data published by the SIA MOROCCO .

It is not allowed to collect and transfer these data anywhere else. Copyright rules apply.
Bots, spiders, scrapers, scripted or programmed queries or otherwise automated queries are prohibited .
This includes Apps or virtual radar programs of whatever software else trying to interface to the TCE-MOROCCO.COM data without my consent.
Abusers will be blocked, abusing accounts will be deleted without notice.

This website has not been set up to provide free data to commercial, private or public projects, companies, government agencies, public entities, etc. Please understand that this database is not here to get your work done for free, especially if you don't work for free, either.
If in doubt, the keywords are "... occasional personal lookups by private users".
For any non-private (commercial, public or official) interest in these data, please ask for a license before using.

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